Flash Review: Orville

We just finished Seth McFarlane's Orville. My husband cracked up in several spots, but I wasn't that amused. My prediction? Two seasons. After A Million Ways to Die in the West and even Family Guy I had some high hopes, but I was a little disappointed. My husband cracked up in places where I just smiled. … Continue reading Flash Review: Orville


Sci-Fi Slump

So, the Premier Special for The Walking Dead's new season is on tonight. Competing, of course, with the premier of Seth McFarland's Orville. What are you watching to get you through the hiatus between GoT and TWD?

And the winner is …

Why is Sansa Stark still the most fit to Rule? Why is Cersei Lannister her own worst enemy? What about Jon Snow? Why did Tyrion Lannister look sooooo sad? Honorable Mentions Foul! Sansa Stark I have been Team Sansa for a while, and the finale proved my point. Even I have to admit to being … Continue reading And the winner is …

GoT: Beyond the wall … of sleep

zzzz .......... schnort, huh? wha? (I am so gonna hate promoting this blog at work after this post.) So, to recap: Jon Snow chases after the Whitewalkers, has a fight, wins the day. No one we're really invested in dies in the battle. Sansa and Arya have an argument based on sibling rivalry and a lack … Continue reading GoT: Beyond the wall … of sleep

the laundry years

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4 Reasons Daenerys is a Better Conqueror than Ruler

I drafted this post before I'd seen episode 5, which really only confirmed my view. The bigger problem the way I see it, is that I don't seem nearly so uniquely wise and prescient, now that we've all seen Dany use one of her dragons to cremate to living human beings for refusing to "bend … Continue reading 4 Reasons Daenerys is a Better Conqueror than Ruler

GoT: 4 Reasons Sansa is the Best to Rule

I was all Team Dany there for a while. Then, well, things fell apart, round about the time she hit the shores of Dragonstone. We'll get to that a bit later. I'm always rooting for the Jon Snow (up to Season 7, episode 4 at least) whatever he does, but I don't think he's cut … Continue reading GoT: 4 Reasons Sansa is the Best to Rule

GoT. ep. 5 ???

I would love, absolutely LOVE to give you a brilliant, insightful, wise yet witty, urbane yet hip review of tonight's episode. Yet, sadly, I can't. See, HBO hates Canada. Okay, maybe "hate" is too harsh a word. But there's something going on there ... I am, for the time being, in Canada. Now, let's be … Continue reading GoT. ep. 5 ???

GoT: ep. 4 ~ “Strut Yo Stuff”

Westeros is one big poker game, and now it's time to for everyone show their hand. Where it first appears Ceirsi is engaged in another plot, she's actually being set up. In what she thinks is the onset of her victory, she's roundly defeated by Daenerys, who's decided to show her hand with her Dragon. … Continue reading GoT: ep. 4 ~ “Strut Yo Stuff”

GoT ep. 3: A Coming of Age Tale Part I: Tyrion Lannister

I've read a few articles talking about the lapse in judgment that was taking Castler Rock in the last episode. I reluctantly saw their point, but part of me protested. Inwardly, yet defiantly. I admit, my unhealthy fascination with the Tyrion Lanister character drove this inward rebellion. I didn't want to come down on a fictional … Continue reading GoT ep. 3: A Coming of Age Tale Part I: Tyrion Lannister